Investment Philosophy

At Fiera Private Debt, it is our duty to act responsibly and diligently in the best interests of the stakeholders. Our clients, investors and employees are at the heart of our concerns.

Our investment approach is highly disciplined and credit-driven with an unwavering focus on proactive portfolio management. Investments are managed on a team basis with shared responsibility for credit quality, portfolio management and the creation of returns for our investors.

The investment selection process is based on a rigorous analysis of investment opportunities to establish the creditworthiness of the borrower and to determine the appropriate loan structure and covenants to protect investor capital as well as maximize returns.

Our policies and procedures are geared to preserve independence and transparency among risk management, disbursement management, loan administration and the business development teams. Every lending opportunity is analysed to ensure it upholds the credit policy. Our transactional and operational processes are governed by very strict standards and due diligence to clearly identify the risk factors.

The company continually improves its risk management approach, and multiple internal controls are in place in each operational process for the entire duration of a loan, beginning with a due diligence review and until the full repayment of our advances.