Management Team

Jean Gamache Jean Gamache MBA


As President of Fiera Private Debt since 2011, Jean Gamache has dedicated himself to developing the lending platform while meeting client needs and exceeding investor expectations in terms of returns.

From the moment he took over the position, Mr. Gamache has played a key role in developing and growing the company’s business. He implemented a strategy to diversify the company’s activities in 2013. In 2019, he was actively involved in Fiera Capital’s acquisition of one of Canada’s leading alternative asset management firms, expanding the range of strategies offered with a significant private debt contribution.

Mr. Gamache is an experienced business leader with more than 30 years of experience in real estate and commercial financing. Before joining Fiera Private Debt, he worked for a Canadian bank where he had $1.7 billion in assets under management in real estate and $1 billion in commercial loans. For the same bank, he was co-responsible for the risk model parameterization committees to bring the institution into compliance with the Basel II agreement for the real estate and commercial sectors.

Mr. Gamache has a Bachelor of Finance and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in financial services.

Theresa Shutt Theresa Shutt CFA, MBA, MA

Senior Vice President, Corporate Private Debt

647 504-3143

Theresa Shutt is Senior Vice President for Corporate Private Debt at Fiera Private Debt. Prior to joining the company in July 2019, she was the Chief Investment Officer of Private Debt with Integrated Asset Management.

Ms. Shutt is responsible for the overall strategic direction and operation of the Corporate Debt Financing Team. In this role, she provides leadership in support of business development, investment approval, fund strategy and portfolio management. With over 20 years of experience in corporate lending and capital markets, she contributes to the success of the business by growing AUM through strategic capital deployment and the development of innovative private debt strategies.

Prior to Fiera Private Debt, Ms. Shutt was a Managing Director with BMO Corporate Finance where she developed customized financing solutions for mid-market Canadian Companies. Previous to this role, she held a variety of roles at RBC and Scotiabank structuring fixed income and equity derivatives for corporations and asset managers. She began her career working as an economist for the Conference Board of Canada.

Theresa Shutt holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics (Honours) from the University of Alberta, a Master of Arts (MA) in Economics from McMaster University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Rotman School of Management of the University of Toronto. Ms. Shutt is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder.

Tony Gulotta Tony Gulotta

Senior Vice President, Operations

416 642-4971

Tony Gulotta is Senior Vice President, Operations.

Previously, Mr. Gulotta was Senior Vice President, Business Financing for Canada. In this role, he provided leadership in support of the business development, sales strategies and credit management for the Quebec and Ontario teams. He joined Fiera Private Debt in 2017 at the inception of the company in Ontario where he held the position of Vice President and Group Lead, Business and Real Estate Financing for the Toronto office. With his broad experience and expertise in financing, risk management, business development and sales management, he contributed to the success of the fund’s growth across Canada.

Mr. Gulotta has over 40 years of mixed real estate (ICI) and commercial financing experience. Prior to joining Fiera Private Debt, he managed a territory composed of $2.5 billion in deposits and loans in Eastern Ontario with CIBC. Subsequently with HSBC, he was responsible for managing a commercial and real estate banking team in Toronto. Over his career, he has had experience in managing a real estate portfolio of over $400 million for First City Trust throughout Quebec and the Maritimes.

Tony Gulotta holds a Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University as well as FICB, CFP and PFP designations.

Philip S. Robson Philip S. Robson BA

Chair of the Investment Committee, Corporate and Infrastructure Funds

647 260-4843

Prior to joining Fiera Private Debt in July 2019, where he is now Chair of the Investment Committee, Corporate and Infrastructure Funds, Mr. Robson had worked at Integrated Asset Management Corp. with the Private Debt Group since 1996.

He was responsible for the strategic direction and overall operation of the Private Debt Group and played a leadership role in managing relationships with the investors and the firm’s loan origination activities. He was Vice-Chair of the Investment Committee.

Previously, Mr. Robson was co-founder and Vice President, Finance of Acorn Packaging, a flexible packaging manufacturer. From 1989 to 1993, he was President and CEO of Krispak Limited, a snack food processing and marketing enterprise he acquired with partners. Philip Robson served as Vice President, Corporate Finance for Dominick and Dominick Securities in New York and Toronto from 1985 to 1990. He worked in corporate banking at the Bank of Nova Scotia from 1985 to 1987. Prior to that, he was with F.H. Deacon Hodgson.

Mr. Robson is a past Director and Treasurer of the Fred Victor Centre and is past Chair of the Bach Children’s Chorus of Toronto. He is currently Chairman of Validus Risk Management, a technology-focused risk management consultancy based in the U.K.

Philip Robson holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics (Honours) from the University of Toronto.