Interim Business Financing

Investment Approach

Our Fiera FP Business Financing Fund, L.P. is a duly incorporated limited partnership founded in 2013. The partnership is a private lender who offers interim business financing for specific projects, business transfers, acquisitions or particular needs. Its key objective is to preserve partners’ capital and provide a higher rate of return on short-term investments while offering its partner liquidity and a stable flow of distributions arising from these investments

Key principles

  • Quarterly income distribution
  • Low return volatility and average loan duration between 6 to 12 months
  • Strategically diversified portfolio by type of industry and composed of high-quality businesses in urban centres across Canada
  • Regional and product diversification mitigates risk and maximizes investor returns

Interim Business Financing

The Fiera FP Business Financing Fund, L.P. offers business interim financing, adapted to a transitory or short-term situation and delivers financial peace of mind to allow executives to focus on operating their business while continuing to generate value.

The financing is intended for businesses in all industries wishing to carry out a project related to business growth, mergers, acquisitions, ownership transfer and other specific temporary needs.
  • Senior and/or subordinated financing between $1 million and $25 million
  • 3 to 24-month terms
  • Interest payable monthly
  • Capital repayable at maturity